A safe space for you to evolve into a higher level you; your baddest bitch self


Unlearn everything you think you know about you 

& break the glass fucking ceiling on business

Diving balls deep into shadow work • inner child healing • boundaries • relationships • trauma & your nervous system to create a life & business you love


Let’s get one thing fucking straight - I’m not like other business or mindset coaches.  


I’m your safe space.  A space where:


🥵 The surface level bullshit you tell yourself comes to die and you get to the root cause of the actual issue  

🤯 Perspectives come to get challenged without judgement or shame

🐍 You can share and release every toxic thing holding you back in life, escape the cage you see yourself in, overcome self-sabotage & create a life and business you fucking love


The space where we uncover your unconscious thoughts, dreams and desires, and make them your conscious fucking reality


You’re ready to create a how the fuck is this my life kinda business, but you’re too busy looking for a quick fix to get you that 10k+ month and those unicorn coaching clients (hint: the quick fix - it doesn’t fucking exist)  


You’re putting hours and hours into perfecting your business strategy and creating content, but you’re not making bank


You’re showing up but you’re not being consistent or building fuck yes relationships with the people in your world, so they skip town without committing to change as soon as they’ve inhaled your free content


💣 the biggest barrier in your life
& business is your mindset

You can have the best strategy and content imaginable, but if your mindset ain’t right, it’s fucking pointless.  


No matter what you’re coming to me for, it all starts with what’s happening internally.


Mindset trumps strategy, every. fucking. time.

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3 ways to expand your mind & play in my world



(3 month container)

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Shadow work

  • Boundaries

  • Strategy

  • Attraction marketing

  • BTS set up & tracking

  • Money

  • Personal mindset (everything in > personal mindset coaching)


Coaching vibe: mindset workbrand, strategy and visibility, but make it easy, fun & full of free time.

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(3 month container)

  • Revealing blindspots

  • Noticing undercurrents

  • Unravelling patterns

  • Creating change

  • Increase life fulfilment

  • Improve relationships & communication skills


Coaching styles: shadow work, ego work, trigger work, inner child healing and re-parenting, trauma, emotional neglect, eating & body image, money mindset, subconscious reprogramming & somatics.

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(Year long membership)

A membership to

everything in my world.



Your access all areas pass to courses and masterclasses created & released by me from the minute you purchase for 12 whole fucking transformational months.


Get instant access to over $16k worth of fun, personal & business development and education - & that's before anything new comes in


Come play in my world.

This is ride or die energy, baby & the price is insane

Become  A  New  You

Business is your mirror, baby

If you’re tired of feeling like you wanna burn your business to the ground constantly, you’re sick of launching new offers and getting crickets or you feel like you’re working 24/7 and getting nowhere… it’s time to make a fucking change.


Imagine how much easier (& more profitable) your life and business would be after you:

🌚 Uncover the power of your shadows & had the emotional intelligence to use them to your advantage

🧩 Understand yourself and your biz on a deeper level & remove your limiting beliefs

🧲 Build a brand that’s 100% you and you actually spoke your fucking mind (hey leader)

🥲 Release & heal the trauma that’s holding you the fuck back

🥵 Become confident AF in yourself, set boundaries & improve your communication skills


And if you’re ready to do all that (& more) with a ride or die bestie that makes you feel safe throughout the whole process, understood, seen and fucking heard, then I’m the coach for you.


Become  A  New  You

Hey ;) I’m Tayla, business coach, mindset mentor and self-led baddie


the vibe: a unique blend of science and spirituality (your mind & body working together) ✨

Bringing together your masculine (strategy, planning, decision making and getting shit done) vibes, with the feminine (playfulness, creativity, pleasure, ease & flow) vibes, creating an enjoyable, fun and money-makin’ cocktail for success.


I’m a (qualified 👀) business mentor and mindset coach specializing in subconscious & shadow work, trauma, and NLP, guiding you to overcome the roadblocks and mental barriers holding you back from WILD personal & business success. 


Because I’ve been exactly where you are.  Stuck on the fucking emotional rollercoaster of self-sabotage, self loathing and being shamed by family, friends and “coaches”. 


I’ve rewritten my own narrative, from overcoming extreme eating disorders, navigating relationships and anxiety that controlled my life to becoming a successful AF multi 6-figure business & mindset coach.


Now it’s your time to fucking shine.  Slide into my DMs and come play in my world.

Become  A  New  You

I'm so fucking ready

Become  A  New  You

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Become  A  New  You


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