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with Mindset, Trauma & Biz Expert - TAYLA

These containers for 1:1 coaching are potent, juicy & transformative AF.

If you want to quantum leap and collapse time - work with the person who has already done what you want to do! I promise you, you'll get there 100x faster than trying and trying all by yourself & always failing ;)

One of my core values is to make education & the deep inner work playful, fun & empowering.

I love leading women to be educated so they are then able to create life long changes, but most importantly I teach them to become self-led women. My coaching (whether 1:1, courses or masterclasses) is all about empowering women to take control & gain their power back.

My 1:1 containers you can't hide - I want to know the real you, the beautiful, raw, real and honest af version. This is how you create change, you get extremely honest with yourself, so I can guide you through your growth & expansion.





1:1 Personal Mindset

1:1 Business Expansion

Deep AF Mindset Coaching.

3 month coaching container.

3 months juicy months with me, unlimited high touch access through whats app, worksheets as needed, fast af integrations.

I help you unravel your toxic patterns, so that we can rewrite your life, beliefs, and reveal any subconscious blocks holding you back in life... Let's stop your self-sabotage & teach you how to life a life of fulfillment babe.


Self discovery seems scary, because of how much is unknown...but you don't have to do it alone, I am here for you to hold a safe space for you & help you work through anything!

This is deep and f*cking expansive.

Get ready to be shown your blind spots holding you back, challenged & only apply if you're ready for a magnetic life! ;)

The possibilities are endless. Any area of your life you're feeling blocked, limited or challenges and want to explore deeper - let's do it bby!

Included: Inner child healing, disordered eating recovery support, overcoming self-sabotage cycles, trauma healing, releasing limiting beliefs, setting healthy boundaries, NLP techniques and cognitive behavioral therapy, time-line therapy, somatic work, subconscious reprogramming, shadow work etc.

Everything that I can assist with using psychotherapy informed trauma care is on the application form - check it out to see if it's a "f*ck yes" fit to work together!

Business Coaching & Mentoring.

3 month coaching container.

3 deep & potent months with me, unlimited high touch whats app access, business templates, trackers, worksheets, BTS exclusive access of my business.

Scale your biz in a fun way, work less and actually give a fuck about your clients - is that what you want? then baby let's fucking go. I help you build your emotional intelligence within your biz to scale and make bank. Revealing where you're leaking energy & need to clean things up - we set you up with the solid foundations to create a life shaking, earth quaking biz!​

Ready to become an online coach, or currently one but struggling with your systems + your own mindset? I got you!

You are your biznesssss; so start investing in yourself & learn from someone who has made a very successful 6+ figure biz for themselves.

I give you ALL of the back end of my biz - everything for YOU to build your own & start working on your terms!

As coaches the quickest way for us to leap and expand our own growth is to be around people who are where you want to be.

You hire a coach not for what they "give you" but for the expansion you get just from being in their f*cking energy!

I want ride or die energy with my coaching 1:1 clients and anyone I work with, I get extremely investing and involved with your biz!

All inclusions and what's involved with biz coaching is on the application form. If you're ready to be more than just a number and have along term mentor - let's go!

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